Hilarious: Al Sharpton's Attempts To Recap 2014 Blow Up In His Face

SharptonAl Sharpton’s penchant for incendiary rhetoric has made him a lightning rod for critics throughout his career. This year, however, he has been a virtually ubiquitous fixture in the ongoing racial discord that followed the police-related deaths of two black criminal suspects.

Sharpton’s quick reaction to these incidents has corresponded with violent protests and threats against law enforcement officials across the nation. His perceived role in fomenting this widespread animosity was evident in the responses to a number of recent Twitter posts.

Tuesday, he solicited users’ input regarding the three biggest stories and figures from 2014, providing his critics with a forum in which to call out his own actions throughout the year.

He received a similar response to a subsequent post promoting his discussion of the year’s top issues.

Critics also showed up to dominate the responses to Sharpton’s discussion of New Year’s resolutions.

Perhaps a post asking Twitter users what they’d like to see in 2015, however, gave his detractors the most inspiration.

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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