WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke on Media Bias Against Law Enforcement

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee appeared on CNN to discuss the recent murders of two NYPD officers and the “unjustified hatred toward the police.”

One of the things Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to do to redeem himself, in light of his anti-police comments, is to disavow “race hustler” Al Sharpton. Sheriff Clarke calls Sharpton vulgar and divisive. He also said if we want to have a discussion about black deaths, let’s have an objective one that includes the high rates of black-on-black violence.

The media bias against law enforcement officers understandably frustrates Sheriff Clarke. We share his frustration. He’s a welcome and much-needed voice of reason.

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  1. “….disavow “race hustler” Al Sharpton.”

    Amen brother! How these people continue to receive ‘FREE’ air time to spew their vitriol is not too much a mystery – and, the media should be held accountable for their ‘race baiting’ for ratings!

  2. Every time Sheriff David Clarke speaks I open my ears and I listen. He is a unique individual and deserves our admiration.