Pew: Homosexual 'Marriage' Support Falls Slightly

starparkermarriage_postAccording to a Pew survey, reported by Charisma News, support among Americans for homosexual “marriage” has dropped below 50 percent. What can account for this? Perhaps the novelty, or the shock factor, has worn thin?

[I]t remains too early to tell if the drop off is the beginning of a more significant reversal in public attitudes on gay marriage or only an anomaly, Pew researchers said in a summary of their results.

Same-sex couples this year have scored a nearly unbroken string of victories in U.S. courts, including a U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision striking down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban and a similar ruling by the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals against bans by Indiana and Wisconsin.

How could a tiny minority of the population instigate such a fundamental shift and change the meaning of words? Even people who call themselves Christians advocate homosexual “marriage,” which involves behavior the God they claim to worship calls sinful.

Although courts have interpreted the law to allow two men to call themselves married, most of the country’s voters have rejected it. Earlier this month, a federal judge upheld Louisiana’s marriage-protection law. Fox News called the ruling a rare loss for the homosexual lobby.

What would happen to marriage and abortion if the people got to vote on these issues, instead of a panel of judges that rob us of the power to decide?

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  1. God will not be mocked. He has His eye on that apostate church which displays that rainbow banner and promotes abomination in His name.