House Appropriations Committee Allocates $5 Billion for the Border Wall — But There Might Be a Catch

President Donald Trump promised voters that the United States would build a border wall between us and Mexico, and voters are still hoping to actually see a physical wall going up.

Resistance to a wall isn’t the only impediment. Money is a huge factor.

The House Appropriations Committee voted on Wednesday to allocate $51.4 billion to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for 2019, which includes $5 billion for the wall.

According to the Washington Times, Rep. Kevin Yoder, a Republican and chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security, said the funding would support the “three-legged stool” of border security involving barriers, technology, and manpower….I encourage anyone who would characterize a single piece of of this three-part strategy as anything less than mission critical to further investigate.”

But are there strings attached? This Republican doesn’t like the bill.

Republicans, who control Congress, compromised with Democrats to “mitigate some of the fallout from the child separation crisis at the border.”

What else are they trying to mitigate?

The Hill reported that the committee approved an amendment that would undo Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s decision to deny asylum to foreigners who claim to be victims of non-governmental actions like domestic or gang violence. Even if the bill makes it through the full House and Senate, there’s no guarantee President Trump will sign it.

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One comment

  1. Continues to show the “foot dragging” of ALL concerned in securing that infamous border! This over officious, inept, out dated, gaseous, over fed sow of a government WASTES more money than it would take to build this wall – it probably could be plated in 10k gold! Part of that “waste” is in the money we GIVE to countries that hate our guts – cut back on that and double the size of the wall…. Has anybody provided a picture of President Trump’s “magic wand” that has GDP @4.1% growth to that ‘former’ (Thank God) president Obama? You know, the same one that wondered at President Trump’s, or candidate Trump at the time, prediction of that very same growth, and his having a “magic wand!”

    What is absolutely too slow in achieving, is the “kicking out” of all the hangers on in that “malaise infected” puzzle palace in DC – GIT’EM-GONE, then GIT-ER-DUN!!