House Speaker John Boehner Just Made This Abrupt Move

Image Credit: Wiki Commons
Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Congressman John Boehner, the maligned Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced today that he’s resigning from Congress, effective in October.

What accounts for this abrupt move? Does it have anything to do with his crying yesterday as the pope addressed Congress? Inquiring minds…

From the Washington Times:

He’s overseen some major changes in the role of the speaker, including leading repeated separation-of-powers clashes with President Obama on everything from Obamacare to war powers to contempt of Congress charges for former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

But he’s had a rocky tenure within the Capitol, having to quell multiple rebellions by conservative Republicans who have been unhappy with what they see as weak leadership on his part.

Plenty of Republicans are glad Rep. Boehner’s leaving. The Heritage Action Committee’s Michael A. Needham said, “Too often, Speaker Boehner has stood in the way. Today’s announcement is a sign that the voice of the American people is breaking through in Washington. Now is the time for a principled, conservative leader to emerge.”

Agreed, but will it really matter? Will future leadership follow in his footsteps? The resigning congressman is firmly part of the establishment. Perhaps there’s hope for change as this old-guard leader moves on.

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