How to Save Taxpayers $5 Billion Over 5 Years? Able-Bodied Food-Stamp Recipients Must WORK.

The Trump administration has overhauled the food-stamp program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, by making it harder for able-bodied, unemployed people to receive these taxpayer-funded benefits.

Who will be affected by the food-stamp crackdown? Mostly unmarried people with no children who can work. The changes won’t affect children, their parents, those over 50, those with a disability, or pregnant women. But that doesn’t stop leftists from complaining about the changes.

“I think that President Trump and his administration are doing an incredible job making American great again,” Star Parker said. The founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education called the food-stamp overhaul plan “fantastic news.”

The government has acknowledged the able-bodied people sitting on their couch receiving food stamps. The Trump administration has fixed the economy, Star said, and they’re asking those not participating in it to participate. It’s a message to people who can work: we see the potential in you, so we’re going to change a few rules to encourage you to get involved in your own life and make America great again.

What about the contrarians? Star said the people who want the Big Welfare state have a vested interest.

“Most Americans don’t understand or don’t realize that we’re spending about $900 billion a year on these anti-poverty programs,” she said. “We have invested $24 trillion into this War on Poverty, and yet less than 20 cents on a dollar actually reaches the households.”

Star said the president is an incredible leader. And these changes didn’t “come before Christmas.” The administration has been working on them for years, and they won’t be implemented until April 2020.

What about state governments? Will they help or hinder? Star has a message for these governments. Watch the brief clip.

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  1. Government allocates $900 billion yearly in War On Poverty? Just one F-22 Raptor fighter jet costs $153 million…and Defense Department wants 100 of them over next 10 years. If we truly want to curtail spending, maybe look at Pentagon first?