Ignorant Vandals Tear Down Frederick Douglass Statue

Frederick Douglass escaped slavery in Maryland and became a national leader, public speaker, and outspoken abolitionist. He spent the rest of his life fighting for equality for black Americans.

But America’s rioters and vandals are either ignorant of history or want to destroy for destruction’s sake. A group of them tore down Douglass’s statue in Rochester, New York, the site of his famous speech about the Fourth of July. (See Frederick Douglass’s July 4th Oration of 1852, by Dr. Lucas Morel)

From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

On the same weekend in which famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass 168 years ago delivered one of his most historically resonant speeches, a statue of Douglass was toppled from its base and left near the Genesee River gorge.

Located in Maplewood Park, the statue “had been placed over the fence to the gorge and was leaning against the fence” on the river side, according to a statement from Rochester police. The statue was left about 50 feet from its pedestal.

The base and lower part of the statue was damaged, as was a finger on the statue’s left hand.

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The Maplewood Park location includes Kelsey’s Landing, where Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and others helped shuttle slaves to safety along the Underground Railroad.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle said the statue will have to be replaced because it’s damaged beyond repair. As many people suspected, and most of us already know, the anti-police rioters don’t really care about so-called police brutality and “racism.” Their end-game is to offend, destroy, and in some way profit.

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  1. “America’s rioters and vandals are either ignorant of history or want to destroy for destruction’s sake.” Sadly, it seems to be both those things! I hope they catch whoever committed this despicable act, and sentence them to (1) pay for a replacement statue, and (2) a mandatory course in American History!