Indiana AG to NFL: Take a Stand Against Black-on-Black Violence

“In the same year that we experienced about 259 police officer shootings of blacks in 2015, there were 6,000 black lives lost to murders from black people, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said on Fox News.

Violence against all people matters, but if the subject is saving black lives, protesters should talk about black-on-black violence. Hill said he supports players’ right to protest but questions their decision to protest during the National Anthem at such a divided moment in the country.

Hill said unjustified police shootings are rare.

Will NFL players seize this opportunity to make everyone aware of the violence blacks perpetrate against other blacks, especially in urban areas with NFL franchises?

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  1. He’s is absolutely right! I think it is shameful that the BLM movement has ignored the Black on Black killing epidemic. They would have so much more support for BLM if it wasn’t such limited focused on perceived police injustices like shootings and the Black incarceration rate.

  2. The “perceived” targeting of blacks by police may have some validity in fact; however, the inconvenience, embarrassment, potential danger, involved by being “stopped” by police for walking, standing, driving while black, or those 200 blacks shot by police, is NOT the “genocidal” issue facing the black community! These immature individuals have been misled by the race baiting media and even their own NAACP. As noted, there is simply no comparison between police shootings of blacks, most often “justified,” with the true genocide of blacks killing each other. The yearly police shooting of blacks (not killings) is surpassed, by one metropolitan city’s “murder rate,” in less than five (5) months! The entire year of police shootings of blacks was accomplished in ONE month, 241 shooting incidents in January, with 51 killed. Rather than “take a knee,” these ill-educated, misinformed, misguided, people better “get on their knees.”