Is Mental Health the Real Problem and Not GUNS?

Rep. Byron Donalds recently appeared on Fox News to discuss gun control and inflation.

The host asked the congressman whether there was any gun control he’d support. Rep. Donalds said he wouldn’t support any gun control measures presently on the table. The shooters passed the federal background checks.

“I think it’s heinous what they did, but they went through the legal process to acquire the weaponry.” He added that raising the minimum age to purchase handguns would deprive 18-20 year-old Americans of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

What we should be looking at, Rep. Donalds said, are mental health issues. The mental health of the recent shooters is what slipped through the cracks. Family and friends, and people in schools and in the communities had known about these issues for a long time.

The host asked how to put that into policy. Watch the brief clip below to hear the congressman’s response.

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  1. Mental health is certainly a problem that needs attention here.

  2. Absolutely agree with Rep. Donalds. All the clues were available to the “authorities” to stop almost every mass shooting. The perps put it out on FB and other social sites. No one took them seriously, or chose to ignore the signs due to being politically correct, or something. The whole mess needs to be laid at the feet of the elected doofuses and their inability to recognize the nutjobs out there via all the evidence that there is a mental health problem in this nation. Solution? Pay attention to what the nuts are bragging about on social media and elsewhere.
    Guns are not the problem and more laws would not, and will not, solve the problem.

    • While it refers to mentally ill homeless, California proposes “involuntary commitment” to safeguard public and protect against “self harm.” With mentally ill and guns, maybe “take away” the people first in order to keep them away from guns?

  3. Hopefully we have more people out there like Rep. Donalds. The lack of the truth and the creation of material that has been done to be presented is laughable. As he said if all you had was a prosecutor presented one side of a case what does that tell you?