Is NC Gov. Pat McCrory Backpedaling on 'Bathroom Bill'?

restroom-signConservatives were pleased when Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina recently signed a bill that bars biological males from using women’s restrooms in government schools and other taxpayer-supported facilities, and vice versa. 

Charlotte’s city council passed an ordinance that would have allowed men pretending to be women to enter women’s restrooms and changing areas. The legislature called an emergency session and struck down the ordinance.

Certain corporations, performers, and other liberals threatened to boycott and implemented boycotts, because lawmakers want to protect privacy, maintain safety, and respect the modesty of girls and women. To liberals, this is bigotry. For the rest of us, it’s common sense, and advocates of decency should not back down.

But in the wake of an expected backlash he should have disregarded, Gov. McCrory issued an executive order that purportedly clarifies the law and affirms “North Carolina’s rich legacy of inclusiveness, diversity and hospitality makes North Carolina a global destination for jobs, business, tourists and talent,” while maintaining the ban on men using women’s restrooms, and vice versa. 

The order also affirms state law that requires the government to “adopt goals” to award contracts based on the race of business owners (euphemistically known as affirmative action, which contradicts the “non-discrimination” claims). Gov. McCrory also stated that he supports and encourages state lawmakers “to take all necessary steps to restore a State cause of action for wrongful discharge based on unlawful employment discrimination.” He wants lawmakers to declare that homosexuals, including people who pretend to be the opposite sex, are a protected government class.

Even though North Carolina’s so-called restroom bill is already narrowly drawn, the homosexual lobby isn’t, and will never be, satisfied, until all dissent is silenced. They won’t be satisfied with Gov. McCrory’s “clarification” or any backpedaling. They want total compliance, not compromise or accommodation. 

Do you believe Gov. McCrory should have issued this executive order?



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