Is the Border Wall Un-Christian?

Bishop Harry Jackson answers that question.

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  1. Thank you Bishop Jackson.

    Very calm, logical, theological, common sense explanation.

  2. Great job Bishop Jackson.
    As a Catholic I must say that any time the Pope expresses his personal opinion it is not the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope like many Christian clergy in Central and South America tend to believe the lies of socialism/communism and it is the only form of government that will enable the poor.
    I, like the Bishop, believe in both northern and southern border security to protect the Citizens of this nation. This goes along with proper vetting of those requesting entry into the United States for any reason.
    We must also eliminate the “anchor baby” status of instant citizenship to babies born in the US. My experience in West Germany (3 assignments for a total of 8 years) was that a child born in West Germany was assigned the nationality of the father.
    We must all be fully aware of who the political candidates are and what they intend for the country.