Israel Launches Radar-Based Spy Satellite

Israel has launched an advanced radar-based observation satellite into space Wednesday. The satellite, “Ofek 10” was launched by Israel’s Defense Space Administration, the Israeli Air Force and Israel Aerospace Industries.

The satellite advances Israel’s defense, Ofek 10’s cameras operational through all weather types, as well as night. Ofek 10 will complete a full orbit around earth every 90 minutes. The satellite will work alongside “Ofek 9” a previously launched reconnaissance satellite in orbit since 2010.

“Ofek 1” was launched into space in 1988, Israel’s now 10th advanced satellite now in orbit. Israel is one of 12 countries internationally that have produced and launched its own satellites, each satellite reportedly taking between 6-8 years to create.

Ofek 10 was launched by a military rocket, “Shavit”, weighing over 13 tons, created by the Israeli Givon Factory. The rocket was created from two rocket motors as well as several pyrotechnic systems.

Ofek 10’s launch will contribute to Israel’s spy satellite program, upgrading Israel’s strategic capabilities as well as contribute to Israel high-tech innovations.

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