Israeli Killed in Suspected Terrorist Attack in West Bank Laid to Rest

West Bank HebronAn Israel man was murdered on Monday evening, his wife and daughter injured in a shooting in the West Bank. The attack, believed to be a terrorist attack, occurred just as the Passover holiday was beginning. Over three vehicles were shot at in total in what investigators believe to be an independent attack.

Baruch Mizrahi, 47, father of 5, died of shot wounds while driving in a car with his wife and child, aged 9. Both the child and wife were injured, the wife in stable condition at Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem with broken bones, and the daughter with light injuries from shrapnel.

The family was driving outside of Hevron on their way to their family in Modiin for the Passover seder, an investigation ongoing by both the IDF and police to find the suspect. Initial reports from the IDF investigation believe a sniper shot at the car on foot and ran across the road and continued shooting at additional vehicles.

No terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the attack, however Islamic Jihad called the attack a “a natural response to Israel’s crimes.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu blamed the Palestinian Authority for not condemning the attack, stating on Tuesday “This reprehensible murder of a man who was traveling with his family to a meal for Passover is the result of the incitement for which the Palestinian Authority is responsible.”

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon condemned the attack stating, “We will not rest until we get our hands on whoever planned and executed this attack,” he said. “We will not tolerate terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens, and will act with uncompromising determination against all those involved in planning or carrying out attacks.”

AmirTsarfatiAmir Tsarfati is the founder and president of Behold Israel, a news site to correct the scarcity in trustworthy reportage on issues and events impacting Israel, and to resolve the uncertainty about who or what to believe.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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