Ken Blackwell on Subverting the Will of the People


On Monday, a federal judged ruled that Ohio must recognize out-of-state homosexual “marriages,” despite the expressed will of the voters to reiterate that marriage is the union between one man and one woman. Family Research Council fellow Ken Blackwell released these statements:

“This is another example of how the will of the people is being subverted by misguided activist judges. Ohioans affirmed natural marriage at the ballot box in 2004, and will continue to resist efforts to redefine marriage.

“Judge Timothy Black has decided to sidestep the expressed and established will of the people and has assaulted their views by judicial fiat.

“It is absurd for any Court to argue that any of the Constitution’s authors either granted, through its text, or intended to grant, through its spirit, a ‘right’ to same-sex ‘marriage.’ Historically, the notion would have been foreign to our nation’s judicial system. To fabricate such a ‘right,’ this Court had to go well beyond even the shadows of the Constitution.

“We appreciate and commend Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s commitment to supporting the will of Ohioans and defending Ohio’s marriage amendment in court. Hopefully the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will show the same respect for the will of the people of Ohio.”

Photo credit: Rareclass (Creative Commons)

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