Must-Watch: This Former NFL Player Said ‘Black Lives Matter’ Promotes Broken Families

Jack Brewer, former NFL player and present board member of Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the “Black Lives Matter Week of Action” curriculum being implemented in some schools.

So-called Black Lives Matter seeks to destroy the traditional family, promote broken families, and teach children to go against what we “as Americans hold so true,” Brewer said.

“You need fathers in homes,” he said. “And if we look across our society right now, this is exactly the reason why, particularly in the African American community, you see rates of fatherlessness so high. You see rates of crime so high. You start going into the education system and you see that 71 percent of the kids that drop out of high school are fatherlessess.”

With this leftist indoctrination promoted across the country, we’re going to have major problems, Brewer said. It’s bad already. Watch the clip for more.

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  1. Jack Brewer – a man’s man a class act and very intelligent. Sharing this n my blog.

  2. Every American household (Tongues Tribes Territories!) neeeeeeeds Black Community News streamed, cabled, radioed, blogged, phoned into their listening – watching lives along with Biblical teaching imho DAILY!!! Men speaking into the lives of this Constitutional Republic like Dr Voddie Baucham, Dr Thomas Sowell, Ms Star Parker, Ms Candace Owens, Mr Dennis Pragur, Dr Ben Carson, Dr John MacArthur, Ms Liz Wheeler and others.

  3. I wish my daughter had had a father. I wish I had been married or monied. I wish I had not had to work. I wish I had not been completely stressed out and an emotional mess. Maybe my daughter would not have chosen to cancel me and she would still be in my life. It was a perfect storm of unfortunate events because I was so very alone and had no family support and the Church didn’t really do much. There are few if any programs for single moms and dads. We get ignored b/c we’re not supposed to exist and yet over 50% of American children are raised in single-parent households. It is sad. I did the right thing by giving her life; now my Church should pitch in and provide some sort of social and emotional support. Nada. Too many self-centered narcissistic gay guys running the show.