James O'Keefe's Undercover Videos Show How Easy It Is To Commit Voter Fraud

James O’Keefe, whose undercover videos have revealed potential voter fraud and lax border security, released another video. He showed how easy it is to commit fraud in North Carolina, which won’t require voters to show photo ID until 2016.

O’Keefe gave names and addresses of inactive voters culled from the voter registration list and simply claimed to be those people. With no ID requirement, all he had to do was stroll in and vote under someone else’s name. He didn’t do that, of course…but he could have.

At least one election official asked to see O’Keefe’s driver’s license in violation of the law.

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  1. Unbelievable and I am outraged. So much dishonesty it takes my breath away. I hope we can go back to the days of trust, truth, lawful.