Jay Carney to GOP: Your Party Is Racist — and 'You Know It'

Jay CarneyFormer Obama White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, now a political commentator for CNN, casually admitted that, yes, his party uses race to convince minorities that Republicans seek to oppress them.

Before the midterm election, Carney said: “Republicans are going to pick up seats in the Senate and the House, and they may win control of the Senate. So (Democrats) need to mobilize their base voters, and that is especially true of minority voters.”

Carney also admitted that the use of the race card is cynical: “Equating support for stand-your-ground law … doesn’t mean you supported the action that took Trayvon Martin’s life. So that’s the kind of, you know, rough ad — similar to the one we saw from the Republican. I think we’ve come to expect that, and hopefully a lot of voters … kind of tune it out.”

Carney claims both sides use race to gin up their base. But when Republicans do it, he insists, they do so out of racism. Consider this exchange with Bill Kristol, the conservative publisher of the Weekly Standard. Carney claims that the Republicans’ push for voter ID is motivated by the racist Republican desire to suppress the black vote:

Kristol: I voted in Virginia last Saturday. Since I was going to be in New York next week, I voted early absentee in person, and I had to show my driver’s license. Do you think that’s really a problem?

Carney: You know what the statistics say. You know who is most affected by the requirements, essentially poll tax-type requirements.

Kristol: Poll tax? Showing an identification is like charging people a fine, a tax?

Carney: Bill, you know that the fraud isn’t substantial and real. You know it doesn’t have a significant impact, because it’s so minimal, on election results and you know what the motivation is behind it. You know it.

Kristol: I just totally disagree. But that’s OK.

Carney: No, you don’t.

So here we have two white guys — three counting host Jake Tapper — discussing black-white relations. White Democrat accuses white Republican of being racist against blacks. White Republican denies it. White Democrat says: Oh, yes, you are, and you can deny it all you want. But you are a bigot unless and until I say otherwise. White Republican meekly denies the charge. The subject is changed. Let’s move on.

Conservative commentator Ben Stein recently called out Obama and the Democrats on their vulgar use of the race card: “What the White House is doing is trying to racialize all politics, and they’re especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy. And that’s just a complete lie. … The President is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans.” Memo to RNC Chair Reince Priebus: Stein has just shown how to counter the race card — with facts.

How pathetic is Obama’s use of it? When running for president in 2008 — and to prove he wasn’t at all like the Reverend Al Sharpton, Obama refused to even appear with the race-hustling flamethrower. Today, they are BFF’s.

Six years in, the Obama administration cannot brag about growth. This recovery is the nation’s worst in 80 years, arguably ever. Dems cannot talk about declining black poverty because the rate is about where it was when Obama took office. Black Inner-city teenage unemployment exceeds 50 percent in some cities.

A black 82-year-old grandmother, a lifelong Democrat, recently called C-SPAN to explain why this time she “voted straight Republican”: “I have noticed … what the Democratic Party has done to my people. Unemployment is high in the black community — we are double with unemployment — than it is anywhere else. … And I’m not talking about the people that need help — because with so many people getting help that doesn’t need help, it prevents the people that really need help from getting it. … I hear my people calling in all the time saying that every time you say something against the ideology of President Obama, that you’re doing it because he is black. We need to stop that foolishness. This man is destroying this country, and it’s what he intended to do. He said he was going to transform America, and that’s what he’s doing.”

More alarming for Democrats, it’s not just 82-year-old black grannies who are reconsidering their allegiance to the Party. Young black people, the “hope and change” voters who turned out in record numbers for Obama, have also been mugged by the reality of uncommonly high unemployment and underemployment. They see that government, even when led by a young, progressive, empathetic black President, will not solve their problems. Among black 18- to 29-year-olds, nearly one-third of them now self-describe as political “independents.”

After Tuesday’s election, Democrats better order some new race cards. The deck is getting thin.


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  1. Jay Carney has proved yet again that a college education doesn’t necessarily make one immune from ignorance or from being a lying azz.

  2. Jay Carney is a paid political lying hack and spin-doctor who has lost all credibility Ignore the twit.

  3. Hispanics and blacks and the poor in Puerto Rico (46% poverty rate, twice that of the poorest US state) have no problem getting IDs or voting (turnout is always around 80%, putting America’s turnout to shame), despite Puerto Rico having a Voter ID law (only ONE form of ID is acceptable – an Electoral Card – compared to SEVEN forms acceptable in Texas, for example) that requires a specific photo ID plus a finger dipped in ink.

    So why do the Democrats think America’s blacks, Hispanics, and poor are uniquely incapable of doing what Puerto Rico’s blacks, Hispanics, and poor do at a rate of 80% every election?

    Democrats must be saying that America’s minorities and poor are especially stupid, or lazy.

  4. Jay Carney comes from Time magazine. What more is there to say about who Jay Carney is?

  5. Because people love their country, have a different opinion on communism, they’re racist?

  6. Actually, I believe Jay is a liar, so when he says the Republicans are racist, that is potentially a “LIE”

  7. That 82 year-old lady was, non other than, Joyce, the “Sage of Sunnyside”, here in Houston! She’s a gem! She’s been a conservative-leaning voter for a long, long time, and is a familiar voice on Houston conservative-talk radio. She calls ’em as she sees ’em and, believe me, there’s nothing wrong with her vision. I’ve heard her often and I’ve never found her to be wrong when it comes to what ails us as a nation. Joyce should be on national talk radio. To my mind, her 82 years of experience qualify her for a PHD in Social Sciences. You tell ’em, Joyce! Houston loves you!

  8. The Democratic Party is the party of the wine-and-cheese, highly educated, affluent, urban, sophisticated, secular “above it all” set. So maybe that’s why Mr. Carney feels right at home. He no more identifies with the regular white guy than he does the down-and-out poor minority. And that’s why the minorities should abandon the left in massive droves.

  9. Why the false headline?
    Jay Carney didn’t say to the GOP: Your Party Is Racist — and ‘You Know It’

  10. Black Community News hmm is it o.k. to say Black Community News.
    What about White Community News?
    I ask because on a prior Larry Elder Blog I posted a story about a beautiful Black woman, confined to a wheelchair, that sang like an angel and won the Ms. Black California Beauty Pageant. The response from commentators was that it was racist to have a Ms. Black California Beauty Pageant.

  11. The mouth-snarling, vindictive Jay Carney admits to race-baiting on the part of Democrats, and he seems quite proud of the tactic. He’s a perfect example of a progressive who truly believes Republicans are racists, yet dismisses his own form of racism used against them. Just exactly who should be accused of being racists? Democrats such as Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and the nation of Islam, etc. They’re the ones who continue disrupting race relations in America at every chance they get, such as the Ferguson shooting, In that case, there is absolutely no evidence of racism on the part of the police officer, yet Eric Holder assigned 40 FBI agents to investigate for civil rights violations.
    They are obviously having to manufacture examples of white against black racism in order to support their liberal ideology that blacks are still targets of white racists – especially within our nation’s police departments.
    If a policeman has to defend himself against a thug who violently attacked him in his police car after just having robbed a convenience store, eventually killing him – then so be it. The fact that the deceased “victim” was black had no bearing on this case. Yet, Obama and his race-baiting team had to inject themselves into this local situation simply to incite race rioting.