What Does Jimmy Carter Say About Sex-Selective Abortion?

Jimmy Carter, America’s 39th president, condemned aborting unborn babies based on sex.

[F]ormer president Jimmy Carter called the issue “the worst human rights abuse on earth” on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The man from Plains told Letterman that “160 million girls are now missing from the face of the earth, because they were murdered at birth by their parents or either selectively aborted when their parents find out that the fetus is a girl. So, that many people are missing, and they’re all girls who are missing.”

Carter called the toll sex-selective abortion has taken “the worst statistic that I know.”

I like to play devil’s advocate on the issue when “pro-choice” people condemn the practice. Why is aborting a baby because she’s a girl a problem? Some believe the baby has no right to live inside the womb, and women in the U.S. may have their babies killed anytime during the first trimester for any reason, including fitting into that bikini in the summer.

Sex-selective abortions aren’t widespread in the U.S. Yet. Lawmakers have introduced legislation to bar abortionists from killing an unborn baby based on race or sex. Would the same people who call themselves pro-choice continue doing so if doctors could determine whether an unborn baby would become homosexual? What if word got out that women were choosing to kill these “defective” babies?

If someone opposes sex-based abortions, shouldn’t they oppose all abortions? It seems Jimmy Carter is a high-profile Democrat opposed to the killing of unborn babies.

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  1. I’m confused as to why the gender matters to Mr. Carter.