Democrat-Voting Juan Williams Says He’s Rooting for Tim Scott, Mia Love, and Will Hurd

“As a black Democrat I have to say: 2014 was a marquee year for black Republicans,” author and political analyst Juan Williams wrote in the Hill. “But the reaction from the NAACP and black Democrats has been revulsion.”

That just about sums up black liberals’ opinion of any black American who refuses to march to the beat of the “progressive” drum.

Juan Williams is no conservative, and he seems to forget the embarrassing history of his party when he says white Republicans might be embracing the newly elected black Republicans to “provide cover for lingering racist elements in the party.” Democrats were the ones who blocked schoolhouse doors and tried to block civil rights legislation. But at least Williams calls out liberal hypocrisy, especially among black liberals. They kneel before the “diversity” god but soundly reject other blacks who believe there’s a better way. Diversity is more than skin deep. Much more. An excerpt:

Even if the overwhelmingly white Republicans in Congress are using Scott, Love and [Will] Hurd to provide cover for lingering racist elements in the party, there is no excuse for assuming these three are racial traitors, or for insisting that all black people think alike.

My son, Raffi Williams, is a black Republican and a deputy press secretary for the Republican National Committee. He has often pointed out to me that it is important to have diversity present at every table of political power.

The real racism at play here is among those self-declared progressives who gloss over the fact that black people who are politically conservative and Republican have just as acute a sense of racial history — and of racial pride — as do their liberal counterparts.

By the way, Will Hurd is the first black Republican elected to Congress in Texas since the Civil War.

Williams notes the absurdity of discounting the achievements of black Americans who are members of the Republican party. Sen. Tim Scott, for instance, advocates school reform to bring choice to low-income black parents whose children attend failing schools. Democrats of all colors oppose this idea. Mia Love focused on increasing employment while she was mayor. We have a Democratic president who just said, through his actions, that he doesn’t care about black unemployment. He wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens and allow them to work in a country whose borders they don’t respect.

But a black Republican is a token and somehow worse than a Democrat?

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  1. “….lingering racist elements in the party….”

    Someone should question Juan about which party he might be referring to. Anyone recall president Johnson’s assessment, if true, stated during his “great society” plan during the height of the Civil Rights era?

    Perhaps the fact that blacks voting enbloc the democrat ticket proves LBJ’s alleged comment insightful and, possibly even Nostradamas like prophecy: “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book

  2. There will always be some type of revulsion because the three show there are options available to black voters. Anyone straying away from the group is considered as a traitor if they think differently and are seen as an agent that supports white supremacy. I want these three to do what I expect from all of our elected officials and that is to put forth policies that will help all of the American voters.

    I would also like to them put forth legislature that will return American manufacturing jobs back to these shores. On Black Friday, Chinese made goods had some Americans fighting each other over these foreign made products. We’re enriching their pockets while we’re looking for work to provide for our families. SMH.