Justice Department Pushes Plan To Override Judge's Ruling Against Amnesty Order


As Western Journalism has previously reported, critics of Barack Obama’s executive action granting de facto amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants had something to celebrate following a federal judge’s ruling delaying implementation of the controversial order. While U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling presented a hurdle for Obama’s agenda, the Department of Justice recently announced its plan to override the injunction with an emergency court order.

The DOJ opted to file for the stay, which would nullify Hanen’s decision, after significant criticism from pro-illegal immigrant activists.

“We will seek that appeal,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained, “because we believe when you evaluate the legal merits of the arguments, that there is a solid legal foundation for the president to take the steps he announced last year to help reform our immigration system.”

In support of the agency’s decision, National Immigration Law Center executive Marielena Hincapie issued a statement blasting what she called America’s “broken immigration system.”

She also took on Hanen in calling on the injunction to be overturned.

“We should not allow a flawed legal decision to delay these changes any longer,” she concluded.

Despite the fact that more than half of all U.S. states joined forces to challenge Obama’s executive order, the administration has been adamant that it will go forward with the changes regardless of public — or legal — opinion.

According to Earnest, the Justice Department will seek the court order by next Monday.

Responses to a report by The Hill showed readers were overwhelmingly opposed to this end run around a federal court ruling.

“When you’re a dictator,” one commenter posted, “all of your wishes are ‘emergencies’ that MUST be immediately fulfilled.”

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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