Sheriff David Clarke Says Eric Holder Trying to Extract His 'Pound of Flesh' Over Ferguson

Sources reported that the U.S. Department of Justice might sue the city of Ferguson, Missouri, for what the federal government claims is “racial bias” in police tactics.

Officer Darren Wilson said that Michael Brown reached into his squad car and struggled with him over his gun, and the gun went off. Brown and his companion in crime fled. Brown turned to face the officer and reached into his pocket. Fearing that Brown had a gun, Officer Wilson shot him.

Contrary to initial reports, Brown didn’t have his hands up in surrender when Wilson shot him, and he wasn’t shot in the back running away.

Sheriff David Clarke weighed in on the news. He said that what Eric Holder is doing is an abuse of power. Ferguson should fight this. The grand jury got it right.

“Officer Darren Wilson acted reasonably in defending his life against Mike Brown. That was a tragedy. We all know that.”

An expensive, waste-of-time lawsuit…Holder is trying to extract his “pound of flesh” before he leaves office.

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  1. It is very disturbing when (ANY) USAG places politics and Race above the law.

  2. I’m ok with Fox but why is David Clarke in front of an image with a mountain in the background? Milwaukee is flat; no mountains. As for David Clarke’s comments; this is a sensible man. He gets it right most of the time. THis is no exception.