Abortion is a Crime Against Humanity — Kamala Harris Calls it Healthcare

Now that even leftist voters are questioning whether President Joe Biden — clearly suffering from cognitive problems — is too old to run again, the campaign has trotted out Vice President Kamala Harris.

Last month she made a highly publicized visit to a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Minnesota. She referred to it as a healthcare clinic and said she was there to uplift their work.

Star Parker calls it tragic.

“Abortion is not healthcare,” Star said on Straight Arrow News. “It is the taking of an innocent human life, a crime against humanity.”

What a cause for America’s first female vice president! She’s also the first vice president to visit an abortion mill. Congratulations. And she’s got the “woman of color” thing going.

“Many progressives argue that black women are underserved when it comes to reproductive healthcare,” Star said. “In fact, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have long targeted black women for abortions, and the disproportionate abortion rate for black women reflects that reality.”

What do black women…all women…need? Star will tell you that and more. Watch her segment below or over at Straight Arrow News.

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