Students and Teachers in This School District May Opt Out of Homosexual Indoctrination ‘Lesson’ — Without Government Retaliation

Teachers and students in the Osseo Area School District 279 in Minnesota don’t have to worry about forced homosexual indoctrination.

The school district created something called the LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Lesson, a 40-minute lecture for high school students to “gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQIA+ histories and identities.”

Liberty Counsel said the so-called lesson includes “transgenderism” and discussions about pronouns and “affirming” people’s fantasies about being the opposite sex. Some students and teachers don’t want a “deeper understanding of LGBTQIA+ histories and identities,” and government schools cannot make this compulsory.

Some religious parents don’t want their children involved. Homosexuality and “transgenderism” conflicts with the biblical view of marriage and sexuality, and only parents have the right to decide whether their children are exposed to anything that conflicts with their religious beliefs.

The school district didn’t give parents much notice about this lesson, which was implemented this week. According to Liberty Counsel, the school district sent teachers an advance copy of an opt-out email for parents with less than a month’s notice.

“Buried at the end of paragraph five of the email was the actual ‘opt-out form.'”

The email didn’t inform parents what the lesson was about. If they wanted to know, they had to jump through hoops.

Parents had to submit a form via email, receive confirmation, go to the Educational Service Center, present their ID, and then view the materials.

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to the superintendent of the Osseo Area School District 279 that students and teachers who oppose this so-called lesson be allowed a religious accommodation for an expedited opt out — without retaliation. Liberty Counsel also demanded that in the future, the school district “will give meaningful opportunity to parents to review similar Lessons and curricula related to homosexuality and transgenderism and other ‘LGBTQIA+’ topics.”

Teachers are right to fear government retaliation. In this case, the school district won’t trample on their rights. The school district has confirmed that students and teachers have the right to opt out of sitting through this re-education session.

“Teachers and students cannot be forced to participate in speech that conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs,” Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Mat Staver said. “Parents must also be given adequate opportunity to review any instructional material in order to excuse their children.”

Parents have the right to direct their children’s religious upbringing — without government interference. Stay up to date on what’s happening!

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