Kenneth Fontenot: What Advocates of Abortion and Slavery Have in Common

Early, during a crisp spring morning in 1863, the people of Boston, Massachusetts, stood erect with anticipation as they stared at the gates of Camp Meigs. Camp Meigs served as the base for the 54th Massachusetts, the Union Army’s newest unit. Slowly, the camp gate opened and people listened rapt with attention as the Unit’s First Sergeant gave the order, “Forward March!”

With the precision of a crack unit of disciplined and motivated soldiers, the 54th Massachusetts proceeded into the street to the loving gaze of grateful onlookers. To the uninformed, however, the 54th elicited more of a stare of awe and wonder, because unlike every other army unit for the past few decades, almost every man in the 54th, except for the officers, were black. The 54th Massachusetts was the first Union Army Unit to enlist freed slaves and freed blacks. This move, at a time such as the Civil War, caused a great stir throughout the continental U.S.

In Charleston, South Carolina, where the first shot of the Civil War was fired at Fort Sumter, a Confederate pundit mused about the idea of Negro soldiers. The Confederacy had thought about the idea on practical terms. However, upon philosophical ideas, the Confederacy decided not to pursue the course.

The Confederate Pundit supposed that “if the negro soldier proves to be as good or better than the white soldier, then our whole idea of slavery would have been wrong.”

What he was arguing is that the moral grounds of slavery as an institution were based on the idea that Negroes were not really human. They were subhuman at most, and they certainly were not human in the sense that Whites were human. Such logic began with evolutionary thought as proposed by Charles Darwin and continued on into the minds of men such as Stalin and Hitler. This same thought process was the basis for the final solution in Germany and continues on today in many public arenas.

In the case of Hitler and others such as Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood), certain races were subhumans, such as Jews and Africans, and needed to be eliminated or subjugated at the very least.

Hitler, Sanger, and the Confederates at no point in time considered themselves immoral. They believed themselves to be moral and just. They would have certainly disagreed with us had they realized that we consider them monsters.

Unlike us, they did not believe that “All men were created equal.” They did not believe that God “created man in His image,” although they believed in “god.” Lastly, they did not believe that God was responsible for loving and caring for all of mankind. Hence, they did not believe that all “men” were subject to equal rights.

So how does this relate to the human rights of the unborn? Most abortionists like Hitler and Sanger do not consider themselves to be immoral or unjust. They do not believe that all men “are equal,” especially the unborn. They do not believe that we are “created in the image of God.” And they especially don’t believe that unborn human beings are subject to the same rights and protections as humans who’ve been born. In their eyes, they are a type of subhuman.

Most notably former President Barack Obama said on national TV that he did not think a “fetus” was a human being and did not have full constitutional protection. Funny enough, the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1800s said the same thing about slaves and almost kept African Americans in chains indefinitely.

What is most disturbing about this is that liberals today have the same thoughts about human rights as liberals 150 years ago. They kill the unborn on the same pretense that elitists used to enslave blacks. Truly, when we are ignorant of history we are bound to repeat it.

So what can you or I as concerned citizens and Christians do about this? I ask that you do three things. First, pray. Did you know that in the New Testament there are only three things that Jesus said if you do secretly God will reward openly? Those three things are fasting, giving, and prayer. Please fast and pray for our nation.

Second, you can preach the truth. First, this requires that you be informed (get started). But next it requires that you passionately share with others what you have learned.

Third, you can participate. Jesus said we are salt and light. If you stay out of the public sphere you condemn others to the same ignorance that has shaped the current generation influencing our nation. You need to get involved.

In conclusion, some of the same thoughts that condemned our ancestors to chains are condemning the unborn to death before they breathe. However, God is willing to raise up men and women like yourself to be the salt and light of the earth. But salt must touch others to be useful, and light must be projected in order to be effective. Begin now by praying, fasting, preaching, and participating.

Photo credit: Dave Bledsoe (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

Kenneth Fontenot is a member of the Cure Clergy Network and Senior Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Wilson, NC.

The views expressed in opinion articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Black Community News.

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  1. Perhaps this is why few if none speak about our first law on page one of the US Code. We hold these truths……

  2. Thoughts on abortion.
    In a sane and rational world a mother would be the first and last line of defense for her baby at every stage of development before & after birth.

    In a sane and rational world abortion would be unthinkable.

    In a sane and rational world an unborn child would be valued for the precious life that it is.

    Abortion is every bit a sin and stain on this country as slavery.

    Congress and the Supreme Court are guilty of legalizing this horror but the real shame and guilt lies with women who embrace the so called “right” to kill their own flesh and blood.

    When did we become so hard-hearted, so selfish, and so irresponsible and our thinking so twisted? And why?

    We are in the grips of an evil mindset that is destroying us.

    In the name of “women’s rights” we have given up our most sacred rights.

    We’ve turned innocent babies into “inconveniences” that can be legally destroyed.

    We’ve turned men and boys into objects of contempt and loathing.

    This cannot stand. There is nothing good in this. We must change our course. Our country’s very soul is at stake.

    Just as the slave had no voice in becoming a slave so the unborn child had no voice in its conception. Just as we had to finally decide that it is wrong to own another person, we must finally decide that abortion is wrong because it takes away that person’s right to life.

    The abortion procedure is surreal! Who dreams up such horrors and calls it a “right”? One day we will wake up in disbelief of our sin. But it is too late for the 60+million that have already been sacrificed on the altar of self worship.

    There are no words for the horror of abortion. It is unspeakable evil. Abortion at every stage should be called by its right name – genocide of the unborn. How did the hearts of women become so hardened and their thinking so twisted and misguided! They are so broken and pitiful, giving up their most sacred privilege.

    I pray for women everywhere to turn from this abomination and embrace the privilege of Motherhood. It is the unique ability of the female sex and should be celebrated as the crowning glory and purpose of womanhood and femininity.

    Prayers abound for those who have chosen abortion and have regret and remorse. Regret and remorse can provide the impetus for changing hearts and minds. Forgiveness and redemption come with repentance. May God help us.

    Diana Lott

    • I agree! Both the article and your comment are right on the money.

      The latest defense of abortion is that we should “trust” women to makes decisions about “their own bodies.” Maybe we should ask them if they thought slave owners should be “trusted” with the lives of “their own slaves.”

      Treating our fellow human beings as property to be disposed of as we see fit is always wrong, no matter who does it.