KY Judge Says Company Can’t Be Forced to Print ‘Gay Pride’ T-Shirts

Are you waiting as patiently as I am for homosexuals to challenge Jewish and Muslim businesses to print “Gay Pride” messages on t-shirts and bake “wedding” cakes?

I have a feeling I’ll be in my grave before that happens. But it happens to Christian businesses with irritating regularity.

One judge understands what the First Amendment’s religious freedom protection means. He confirmed Christian company Hands on Originals’ right to refuse on religious grounds to print “Gay Pride” on its merchandise. From One News Now:

More than three years ago, Blaine Adamson of “Hands On Originals” declined to print T-shirts promoting a homosexual “pride” parade, explaining the messages he would be printing conflicted with his religious beliefs. Last year Adamson was found guilty of discrimination by the Lexington-Fayette Urban Rights Commission. Alliance Defending Freedom appealed that ruling to the Fayette County Circuit Court, which today reversed the Commission’s decision.

It’s a “great day for freedom,” says ADF attorney Jim Campbell. “The government can’t force citizens to surrender their free speech rights or their religious liberty in order to run a small business – and this decision affirms that principle,” he states.

Can you imagine someone suing Christian companies for refusing to print “Proud Adulterers” or “Happy Murderers Club” or “Thieves Are Awesome”? Neither can I.

Why would homosexuals ask a company calling itself Christian outfitters to print “Gay Pride” on t-shirts?

Celebrate our lifestyle, which your faith calls sin, or else.

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  1. Common sense is not so common anymore!