A Coalition of Lawyers Just Filed a Lawsuit to Stop Biden’s Executive Order on ‘Critical Race Theory’

Christopher Rufo, director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss President Joe Biden’s executive order rolling back former President Donald Trump’s executive order establishing the 1776 Commission.

Trump created the Commission to counteract the left’s dominance in the country’s institutions on the “critical race theory,” which forces so-called diversity training and suppresses free speech.

Rufo said that as soon as Biden won, he knew he’d scrap Trump’s executive order for the 1776 Commission.

“So I immediately started reaching out to conservative legal organizations and attorneys, and to my dismay discovered that nobody was working on this issue in the courts,” he said.

Rufo said he took leadership and recruited a team of a half dozen legal foundations and law firms to fight the executive order and take the issue to the Supreme Court. He wants to show that the diversity training deals with racial stereotypes, compels speech, and creates hostile working environments, and is “illegal under the Civil Rights Act and unconstitutional under the law.”

Have liberals joined Rufo’s cause? Watch the clip below:

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  1. High school history teachers should incorporate both arguments in their weekly unit or daily lesson plan. Classroom is no place for revisionist history. Nor is it a place to sugarcoat American history.