Lesbians Complain After Christian Business Owner Declines to Service 'Wedding'

protect marriageAt the risk of becoming a Jenny One-Note, I must blog about yet another attempt by the homosexual lobby to intimidate Christian (but not Jewish or Muslim) business owners.

Homosexuals know, and don’t have to believe, that the God of the Bible, the Creator of all things, calls the act of a man lying with a man as he would a woman, and the reverse for women, an abomination. That is what He says, and we believe Him. Murdering, stealing, fornicating, bearing false witness…these and other acts are also sins. God calls us to repent and not to do or give the appearance of doing that which sent Christ to the cross.

The homosexual lobby seems to take delight in offending Christians and using government power to violate our constitutional right to freedom of religion and a personal right to avoid violating our conscience.

A couple of lesbians in Ohio wanted a Christian videographer, Courtney Schmackers, to film their “wedding.” She declined their business, which is her right not only as a business owner but also as a woman of faith.

“I couldn’t believe it,” one of the women said. “It is a small business, and I thought this was a tight-knit community. We wanted to support local commerce and to get that kind of response was astounding.”

Here’s what’s unbelievable: the idea of two women calling themselves married. Here’s something else that’s unbelievable: that they’re upset because a small business owner, Christian or not, does not offer that type of service.

“I made a business decision based on my spiritual beliefs and the biblical definition of marriage because I thought that I had a right to that,” Schmackers wrote on her Facebook page. “Unfortunately, I gave the wrong answer to the wrong person, who decided to make a private issue into a public platform and now I am fully experiencing the consequences. I am sorry you had to be exposed to it, and I’m open to any and all conversation regarding it.”

Stand your ground, Christians.

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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  1. Good for you Courtney!!!!! We as Christians do not have to be ruled by lesbians, gays, bisexuals or any other type of person that offends our beliefs. Do NOT apologize for living your faith. It is important that once you take a stand not to back down from it. I have had many close gay friends. I told them it was the sin and not the sinner that I have a problem with. I also told them they were welcome around me as long as the PDA’s were not used around me or my family. I pray everyday that The Lord will put someone in their path to help convict them of their sins and bring them to The Lord before it is too late.

  2. You did the right thing sister. If you suffer for standing on the side of truth, you are a true christian. Romans 1:21-32 speaks of these people. The world is laying great pressure on morality stand of society and this has impacted negative on all people including christians. It is aidded nationally and internationally because nations no longer have the fear of God.