Liberal Oregon Voters Reject Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens

illegalaliens-1In 2008, liberal California rejected the homosexual lobby’s effort to redefine marriage to include two people of the same sex. The courts ended up striking down that voter-approved measure.

Some of those same voters had barred their government from granting preferences to or discriminating against individuals or groups based on the color of their skin in 1996. That law is still in effect.

It’s not a good sign that we have to put racial discrimination and forcing people to accommodate the sexual behavior of a tiny minority to a vote. Equally disheartening is having to vote on whether to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses.

The obvious answer is NO. If the federal government actually enforced the laws on the books, state residents wouldn’t have to deal with this issue at all. Illegal aliens should be deported, not given privileges that should be reserved for citizens.

“Immigration was a losing issue in the 2014 election,” the Washington Times reports, “with Republicans who announced their opposition to President Obama’s legalization plans earning victories across the country and voters in Oregon swatting down a referendum that would have granted driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.”

Sixty-seven percent of Oregon voters rejected the scheme to give lawbreakers licenses to drive in their state. Some believe that reforming immigration means granting amnesty and other privileges to people with no respect for our laws. Reform should begin with strengthening our borders. The next step would be to streamline the process for people entering the country legally and putting more limits on immigration in general.

With last night’s GOP victory, we should hear more “cracking down” talk and see subsequent action. The president doesn’t consider the Republican sweep a repudiation of his policies. He will continue to push through his agenda, and it’s up to lawmakers with the will to govern to stop him.

Photo credit: brynraz (Creative Commons)

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  1. This is great news. The absolute insanity of mass illegal immigration, coupled with legal immigration, and the myriad of “guest worker” programs on the books is oppressing working class americans. A tighter labor market is necessary to get our wages up. Not to mention all the other social pathologies brought on by the illegal alien horde. Happy to see us finally standing up for ourselves.