Liberal Reporters Declined to Answer This Planned Parenthood-Related Question

liberal mediaIf you can’t defeat your opponent’s argument, attack his tone or delivery.

The Washington Examiner asked 15 reporters, some of them from the mainstream media, whether they’d watched all of the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover Planned Parenthood videos before giving the abortion mill a platform to respond or claiming that the videos were deceptively edited. They declined to answer. 

The implication is they did not watch all the videos. Instead of doing the legwork themselves and drawing their own conclusions, they relied on an obviously biased Planned Parenthood report and denials. An excerpt (emphasis added): 

Some reporters have responded to the scandal by giving Planned Parenthood a platform to accuse CMP of spreading misinformation, while others have said themselves that the tapes are intentionally misleading.

None have said whether they’ve watched all of the available footage.

The Huffington Post’s Samantha Lachman, who specifically referred to the tapes as “selectively edited,” would not say whether she had watched all of the available material. She instead directed the Examiner’s attention to a Planned Parenthood-commissioned study claiming the videos have been deceptively doctored.

Of course, no conservative should be surprised. Liberals, including mainstream media, advocate abortion. But aren’t reporters supposed to investigate and disseminate newsworthy stories? If an organization, especially one that receives taxpayers’ money, has been accused of breaking the law, you dig in and uncover the truth. 

Last summer, the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway came up with a list of Planned Parenthood-related story ideas for reporters. For example:

How far along in a pregnancy must a woman be for her child’s organs to be considered worthwhile for procurement, sale and transfer? How much does the value of a child’s liver, heart, lungs, etc., increase with time? Do the sales of baby organs form a significant enough part of Planned Parenthood’s business model to result in, say, filibustering of protections for late-term unborn children?

How did sales of aborted children begin? Did Planned Parenthood seek buyers or did the baby part buyers seek out Planned Parenthood? Does it depend by affiliate? Planned Parenthood has a corner on the market of freshly dead young humans. Does this market share make them significant in the human organ trade? Who are the buyers? Who arranges the sales? How much money changes hands? Do the buyers receive any federal funds? What research is conducted?

Imagine what a golden idea-opportunity this would have been for reporters during the early days of the video releases. But liberal reporters basically attacked the messenger and wrote stories based on the accused organization’s self-serving statements and report.

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