Liberals Might Not Like THIS Kind of Diversity

SecondAmendmentRightsThe St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that an armed group of open-carry supporters plans to march for gun rights today in Ferguson, Missouri.

As of last year, the state allows owners to openly carry handguns (permit required) and long guns. Missouri is a shall-issue state, and gun owners don’t have to register their firearms.

Sam Andrews of Oath Keepers said that some black residents in Ferguson told him they’d probably be shot if they openly carried weapons in public. 

“We intend to show that this right is not just for white people,” Andrews said. He wants blacks in Ferguson to march with him.

As BCN has stated before, black Americans should be at the front of the line protecting the right to keep and bear arms. Law-abiding blacks should be allowed to defend themselves with guns, and they should resist any law that attempts to modify or control this right.

Naturally, Andrews has opponents. The county executive, Democrat Steve Stenger, said his group would inflame “a situation that was already inflamed.”

What situation, exactly? Andrews wants to have a racially integrated gun-rights march. Isn’t that the kind of “diversity” liberals are always harping on? 

Photo credit: MMR Dad (Creative Commons) – All Rights Reserved

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