Listen to Abortion Conference Attendees Laugh About Babies’ Heads Getting Stuck During Abortions – UPDATE

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the pro-life organization that broke the story about Planned Parenthood’s involvement in harvesting and selling aborted-baby body parts, has released a preview of another secretly recorded video.

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) has tried to prevent from CMP from releasing this footage. The video shows abortionists and advocates at a NAF conference talking about the body parts of unborn babies and how the killing is accomplished.

“The fetus is a tough little object,” abortionist Susan Robinson told an undercover CMP operative posing as a tissue buyer. “And taking it apart…is very difficult.”

An abortionist talked about babies’ heads getting stuck during abortions. The audience laughed.

Another abortionist joked about an unborn baby’s eyeball falling into her lap. “And that is gross!”

More laughter.

An abortion advocate from the ACLU commented on “getting that skull out.”

The audience laughed.

Deborah Nucatolla, who was caught on video in 2015 talking about harvesting hearts, lungs, and livers while eating salad and drinking wine, makes another appearance.

Abortionist Ann Schutt-Aine explained that ripping limbs off unborn babies while they’re still in the womb avoids running afoul of the law against partial-birth abortions.

Update: The video is still up on Live Leak:

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  1. This is very sad. Abortion is murder – but in this video it is explained in a comedy routine fashion. Sharing this.