Listen to What This Gun Owner and Taxpayer Said to His City Council

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  1. Very well said and I totally agree. Got share this one on my blog and G1. Thanks

  2. I’m standing and clapping. Please, everyone, share this !

  3. I wanted very much to post this on my FB page, but didn’t know how to edit out his name and address. Didn’t want to post that info on social media. I. Love. This. Man!

  4. And all the chorus shouted AMEN BROTHER! Just one little disagreement concerning going ANYWHERE and turning my guns in: NOW, that aint-a-gunna-happen while I breathe normally! I will obey no “man made law” that would deny me my God Given Right to Self-defense by ANY appropriate means, ANYWHERE. That dastardly 2nd Amendment is appreciated, but NOT required!

  5. Congratulations Mister Robinson for representing the support for the 2nd Amendment that I believe the majority of American Citizens also support. I myself own no guns but I have been a member of the NRA for several years and intend to continue my membership for years to come because of my belief in the right to bear arms.