LIVE: Drama At the GOP Convention?

The #NeverTrump crowd on the convention floor are demanding a state-by-state roll call vote on changing the party’s rules. The goal is to deny Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination. One of the changes roll-call proponents wanted was to unbind delegates from backing the presumptive nominee next time around.

Watch more live coverage at the convention.

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  1. G. Breckenridge

    You FREAKS, your going to ASSURE a HILLERY WIN!!!!!!!!

    • GB: Please check out my note to BCN and do some follow up on your own. If you don’t see it, find the Jake Tapper (CNN) interview with Ken Cuchinelli and learn what really happened. CNN and others also screwed it up, and Ken was frustrated in his attempt to offer them a bit of truth. If you remember the parlor game ‘gossip’, that’s what these guys do while deluding themselves that it’s ‘journalism’.

      BCN are certainly not freaks. It’s the instant news cycle with everyone trying to scoop everyone else, Often that results in incomplete and or erroneous information, as in this case.

  2. The #nevertrump chaos as reported by CNN and others is either a fabrication or a misunderstanding. Unfortunately you have picked it up as “news”.

    Find the interview done by Jake Tapper of CNN with Ken Cuchinelli and get the straight story. I suggest a retraction of your story may be in order.