Virginia’s New Lt. Gov-Elect Winsome Sears Said We’re Framing Too Many Issues in Terms of Race

Winsome Sears made history on Tuesday, November 2. The marine and mother of three became the first black woman to be elected to statewide office in Virginia. She is the new Lieutenant Governor-elect.

Black leftists aren’t impressed. Black conservatives are either non-entities to them or objects of mockery and slurs. ESPN host Jemele Hill, angry about Virginia flipping from blue to red, said on Twitter: “It’s not the messaging, folks. This country simply loves white supremacy.”

Sears’s team’s Twitter account responded: “We beg to differ,” and posted a photo of Sears hold an AR-15.

To conservatives of Virginia, regardless of color, Sears’s victory is something to celebrate. This immigrant from Jamaica who earned a Master’s degree and ran a women’s shelter defies the left’s narrative on race.

“We’re framing too many issues in terms of race, and it just continues to divide us,” Sears said in an interview with Fox News. “And unfortunately, politicians are using it as a tool because of the things that have happened to us historically to advance, I would think, their nefarious purposes.”

Sears said she’s destroying all the narratives about race. “Look at me,” she said. “Look at me. I am a heartbeat away from the governorship in case anything happens to the governor. And how are you going to tell me that I’m a victim? And I didn’t do anything special to get here except stay in school and study.”

How did black Americans in Virginia vote? Paris Dennard, GOP national spokesman, compared the state’s numbers with national numbers for three Republican presidential candidates. Seventeen percent of black voters in Virginia chose Winsome Sears. Thirteen percent voted for Glenn Youngkin. Nationally, 12 percent of black Americans voted for President Donald Trump, eight percent for Mitt Romney, and only four percent for John McCain.

“The @GOP continues to make positive gains with Black voters thanks to serious minority engagement from the RNC & #GOP Candidates!” Dennard wrote.

In addition to Sears’s win, Virginia also elected Jason Miyares, the state’s first Hispanic attorney general and the son of Cuban immigrants.

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