Majority of Black Americans Support Voter ID

voter-ID_2Despite liberals’ efforts to drive a racial wedge between Americans, it hasn’t been completely successful when it comes to showing a government-issued form of photo identification before voting. According to a recent Fox News poll, 51 percent of black Americans support voter ID.

One might think blacks would resent the implication that they’re too “poor,” lazy, or dumb to go down to the DMV like everybody else and obtain a driver’s license or non-driver’s photo ID. But that’s exactly the way Democrats present the issue…minus the politically incorrect words, of course.

Project 21, a black conservatives policy group, issued statements on the poll.

“This poll shows there may be strong black support for Obama as a politician, but not necessarily as a policymaker,” said Cherylyn Harley LeBon, Project 21 Co-Chairman and former senior counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. “And a prime example are voter ID laws. Although the Obama Administration, its legislative and judicial supporters, the media and left-wing activists continue to oppose voter ID laws and claim they marginalize minorities, the black community is still quite supportive of efforts to protect polling place. After relentless warnings they could be denied the right to vote, a majority of black Americans in this particular poll still recognize the need to protect legal voters against identity theft.”

A majority of Americans in general supports voter ID. Proving identity is a common-sense measure to ensure the integrity of the voting process. And it’s not a hardship. People use some form of photo ID in personal and business dealings all the time. Why is it suddenly a hardship when it’s time to vote?

“A majority of black Americans in this poll found nothing inherently racist about showing an ID to vote. It discredits the progressive talking point that black Americans uniformly see voter laws as racist and an attempt at voter suppression,” said Kevin Martin, a Navy veteran and small business owner. “It also shows that progressives who claim to represent the black community are not listening to us on this issue. Perhaps it is because they only seek to use our community to further their own agenda.”

Photo credit: kayranft (Creative Commons)

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