Man Who Filed Unsuccessful Complaint Against Christian Baker for Refusing to Make ‘Gender Transitioning’ Cake Still Harassing Him

Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado has asked a court to dismiss a $100,000 lawsuit against him in an ongoing fight to run his business in accordance with his religious beliefs.

Phillips prevailed at the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 after the justices ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission treated him unfairly and his religious beliefs with hostility when it ruled against him. Phillips had refused to make a custom “wedding” cake for two homosexuals, although they could have bought any cake in the store.

While the initial complaint was working its way through the courts, a lawyer — a man pretending to be a woman — called to request a custom-made cake celebrating his “gender transitioning.” Naturally, the Christian baker refused. He also doesn’t make custom cakes for Halloween or adult-themed parties. The commission eventually dismissed the complaint.

Alliance Defending Freedom, Phillips’ legal counsel, reported that the same lawyer has filed a lawsuit, seeking damages from his previously dismissed complaint. Phillips filed a motion to dismiss the suit.

“It’s time to move on and leave Jack alone. This new lawsuit is nothing more than an activist’s attempt to harass and ruin Jack because he won’t create custom cakes that express messages or celebrate events in conflict with his conscience,” said ADF Senior Vice President of U.S. Legal Division Kristen Waggoner, who argued on behalf of Phillips before the U.S. Supreme Court. “Jack’s victory at the Supreme Court was great news for everyone. Tolerance for good-faith differences of opinion is essential. It’s the only way for diverse people with differing views to peacefully coexist. This attorney’s relentless pursuit of Jack is an obvious attempt to punish him for his views, banish him from the public square, and bankrupt him and his shop.”

Phillips has lost business, received death threats, and dealt with property damage. For seven years, he’s had to fight to protect his religious freedom.

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