Marc Little Was Shot By a Gang Member in LA, Lost His Right Leg, and Survived — Listen to This Conservative Christian’s Story

Marc Little, chairman of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s (CURE) board of directors and CURE’s acting general counsel, was shot by a gang member in 1987. He lost his right leg.

Marc appeared on the podcast “Life Lessons with Dr. Bob” to discuss his life story and important cultural and political issues.

The pastor, attorney, author, and political commentator said he’d just graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and still lived in off-campus student housing. Marc is from Connecticut and didn’t know he was in the middle of “gangland.” He also didn’t know that what was about to happen four days after his birthday in July 1987, would shape his life.

Marc was on his way to the store when he heard someone ask for help. He offered to help. But the man, a member of a gang, tried to rob him and then hit him with the butt of a 12-gauge shotgun. Marc threw himself to the ground to avoid getting shot, but the shot came anyway. The man aimed the gun at Marc’s head, but the force of the shot moved the gun slightly, and the bullet hit him in the main artery of his right leg. Marc’s girlfriend — now his wife — fled and knocked on doors looking for help.

Marc was in and out of the ICU and had seven surgeries.

Are you interested in hearing more of this awesome man’s story? He and Dr. Bob also discussed proposed legislation in California that would allow judges to consider a criminal’s race in sentencing, the deviant and dangerous transgender plot, the foreign invasion at the southern border, and more. Watch the video below. And please share!

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  1. All Men should Strive to Emulate Marc Little! Most of us will fail, but to do just a small amount of what He does will make us all better People!

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