Mark Robinson Goes Off Again — This Time Over Voting ‘Discrimination’ and Election Integrity

Mark Robinson, the first black Lt. Governor of North Carolina, held a press conference in February to blast NBC News affiliate WRAL in Raleigh for publishing an editorial cartoon that portrayed state school board members who oppose Black Lives Matter’s critical race theory (CRT) curriculum as members of the KKK. Board member and CRT opponent Olivia Oxendine is an American Indian.

Robinson called out WRAL’s hypocrisy. He opposes CRT, and by implication, WRAL portrayed a black man as a Klansman because he’s in the GOP and doesn’t want a Marxist racial ideology taught in schools supported by taxpayers.

The Lt. Governor recently testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties about voter ID and election integrity. He said he’s “very proud” of the history of black Americans in this country. They came “in the belly of ships, bound in chains…whipped, beaten, and sold as property during slavery.” Robinson talked about what blacks went through during Reconstruction.

What black Americans endured led to a man like Robinson becoming the first black Lt. Governor of a state and a black man serving two terms as president of the United States. These and many other accomplishments “add up to an incredible story of victory.” But now, leftists are comparing Georgia’s voter ID law to Jim Crow. They claim that black voices are being suppressed and silenced. By bullets, bombs, or nooses? No, by requiring free ID to secure the vote.

“How absolutely preposterous.”

And Robinson wasn’t done. Watch the brief clip for more.

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