Michael Eric Dyson: I'm Not Sayin' Obama Is Jesus, But His Followers Do

Georgetown law professor and Christian preacher Michael Eric Dyson was a guest on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show, stirring the pot of racism by comparing the slaying of journalist James Wright Foley by ISIS with the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.

“Look what happened after the grisly, brutal, terroristic execution of Mr. Foley.  President Obama was calm but you can tell he was upset.  And this is wrong.  And this can’t happen.  Now we are looking at black men in the streets of our American cities being executed.  That is not right.  We want to see that same kind of brio.  We want to feel that same kind of passion.  Calm, but still upset with the fact that this is occurring.”

“Now, Eric Holder is great!  Let me tell you what, Eric Holder, one of, what, five most powerful black figures EVER?  Obama, Holder, Clyburn, William Gray.  These figures have been extraordinarily important in politics.  But, you know, I’m a Christian preacher and God finally said, ‘Look, I can’t send nobody else, I got to go myself.’  And I ain’t sayin’ that Obama is Jesus, but for many of his followers he is.  But I’m saying, show up dog, and show us that you are seriously committed to the interests of your people, because your presence says something louder than even your words.”

Did the professor just refer to the president as “dog”? And who are Obama’s “people” that he is referring to?  Aren’t we all “his people” as Americans? Hey Dyson, I ain’t sayin’ you’re an idiot, but…

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BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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