This North Carolina Pastor Preached a Strong Case for School Choice — Was the School Board Shocked?

It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. – Luke 17:2

North Carolina pastor John Amanchukwu spoke at a school board meeting in Wake County, and what he had to say is making the media rounds.

Amanchukwu told the board members that only they know whether their roles, policies, curriculum, and things they allow in the school system are a millstone around their necks.

“God is going to judge every last one of you for decisions that are made on behalf of children,” Amanchukwu said.

Amanchukwu noted that the county spent $1 million on a “diversity” office (yes, he also used quotation marks!). How did that benefit black children or any child in the school system?

The pastor dropped some numbers and talked about the waste of taxpayer dollars. In the Jim Crow era, blacks were locked out of the government school system, Amanchukwu said. Now these students are locked in. Many of them need options. They need school choice.

Amanchukwu touched on the “transgender” issue.

“As we talk about inclusion and making sure that the trans student feels comfortable, and the queer student feels comfortable, what does that have to do with reading, writing and arithmetic?” he asked. He called the “diversity” and equity fixation “cultural Marxism” and grooming. Amanchukwu also criticized how “critical race theory” demonizes white Americans and makes black Americans feel inferior.

And there’s more. Please watch and share this post with everyone you know who cares about what’s happening to children stuck in government schools.

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  1. This man is amazing. He made the point by stating the truth. For the people listening, I hope for the sake of their souls, they paid attention.