Netanyahu Arrives in US Ahead of AIPAC and Congress Speeches

NetanyahuCongress_smallerPrime Minister Netanyahu has arrived in the United States Monday. His long awaited arrival will include addressing the US Congress on Iran on Tuesday following his AIPAC speech on Monday.

Netanyahu was invited by House Speaker John Boehner and Republicans without the request of President Obama and will be the third international leader to address Congress, the other Winston Churchill. His address will be focused on warning against a nuclear deal with Iran by world powers just a few weeks before the end of June deadline to finalize a framework agreement to be implemented by June.

Several Democrats will not attend Netanyahu’s speech, Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice even stating last week that his address is “destructive to the fabric of US-Israeli ties.”

Vice President Joe Bieden will also not be present in the speech.

The Prime Minister is expected to place pressure on Congress to approve additional, harsher sanctions on Iran, President Obama stating over a month ago that any new sanctions voted would be vetoed. Congress has reportedly committed to waiting to vote on sanctions until the end of nuclear negotiations.

Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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  1. Please tell me why Nancy Pelosi is going to attend? She follows in Obamas foot steps all the way