Netanyahu Calls Congress Address His 'Final Chance to Block a Deal Between World Powers and Iran'

Netanyahu_Congress_smallerIran and world powers completed three days of negotiations over the weekend in Geneva, with reports of released to the public earlier this week on the progress of talks. US

According to reports, the United States and Iran are currently working on a “two-phase deal” with several sources claiming talks are making success ahead of the March 31 deadline. Secretary of State John Kerry was present for the last part of the talks.

World powers are to meet with the Iranian negotiation delegation next Monday, the location still undecided.

On Monday, Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned against an agreement with Iran, stating that Iran was the most dangerous regime and threat to the Middle East religion. He stated, “The agreement with Iran as it is coming together now is a great danger to Western world peace and a threat to Israel’s security.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu continued to warn against any agreement with Iran warning of Iran’s intentions to create nuclear weapons. During a visit to the IDF’s Southern Command alongside Defense Minister Ya’alon, Netanyahu also addressed Iran’s ongoing support of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

He stated that any deal with Iran would “allow Iran to become a nuclear threshold state. That is to say, with the agreement of the world powers, Iran will be given license to develop the ability to make a bomb…. This Iran openly announces its intention to destroy the state of Israel. Unfortunately, the information I have received in recent days reinforces our fears in regard to the emerging deal between world powers and Iran. He added that his speech scheduled for March 2 to Congress as his “final chance to block a deal between the world powers and Iran.”

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