The New Negro Vote: Common Core, Immigration Reform, and Obamacare


(BCN editor’s note: This is the first part of a two-part article. Part two will be published tomorrow.)

Democrats are in a mad dash to replenish the Negro vote that has rapidly diminished since Roe v. Wade (approximately 13,000,000 blacks aborted) and the enactment of their social policies under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s not so Great Society. Large government programs may sound like niceties and a great way to spread “fairness,” but in reality the intent of these programs are very cruel. While national education reform–otherwise known as Common Core– and immigration reform are the easiest ways for the D.C. elites to maintain and grow their lower class voting base, Obamacare, disguised as healthcare reform, is the easiest way to force America’s middle class into the dependency class. Unfortunately, promoting government over God has become an effective tool for Leftist to implement Socialism in America as of late.

Did you know that Democrats only succeed when you fail? In fact, I’d go so far as to say your misery is their job security. In order to secure votes, Democrats must keep their voters dependent on welfare benefits and angry at Republicans. Conservatives, on the other hand, are burdened with the task of convincing their constituents that if you work hard and pursue your God-given abilities, you can succeed. Therefore, the political class, particularly the Left, has a vested interest in maintaining a lower class, while destroying America’s middle class. Leftist are scrambling to pick up new paying voter blocks wherever they can. This explains their newfound infatuation with gay marriage. (I prefer the term “pretend marriage.”) However, it’s much easier to bypass the hassle of elections by simply guaranteeing lower class voting block for generations to come.

What easier way to do that than to infiltrate education, healthcare, and destroys America’s nationalism and sovereignty through illegal immigration reform? When we look at these government programs individually it should become apparent to you that the negatives far outweigh the benefits.

First, America is an exceptional nation so who in their right mind would choose to call a nationalized education takeover “Common Core?” Unfortunately, it’s become too hard for politicians to say no to federal education funding, because no one wants to be seen saying no to little Sarah and Ray Ray on HDTV; and parents too often times support Big Education because someone has convinced them that their child of average intelligence can become a rocket scientist if only the federal government would give their school district more money. More federal money or standards for education hardly, if ever at all, equates to better students. Otherwise places like Camden N.J., New York City, and Boston, Massachusetts wouldn’t have some of the lowest graduation rates in the country despite the fact they spend the most money per pupil. Proponents of Common Core claim that we need “common” standards to compare our students’ performance to that of students in other states, but we already have that capability through the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing in elementary and middle school, and the SAT and ACT for high school.

Additionally, Common Core standards are not internationally benchmarked as its proponents originally claimed, so they’ve recently switched the language on their website to read that they are “informed by” the standards of other countries. Also, Common Core standards no longer make kids “college ready,” as even one of the drafters of the Common Core math standards admitted it was designed to prepare students for a nonselective two-year community college, not a four-year university.

Lastly, under Common Core the privacy/data collection of your child’s personal information will be tracked all the way from preschool into the workforce. In January 2012, USED changed federal education-privacy law to allow sharing of students’ personally identifiable data with any other government, or even private entity, as long as the sharing is done to “audit or evaluate” an education program (visit for more info). Low expectations in mandated government schools is a sure way to keep a lower class of uninformed voters ripe for Democrat party and moderate Republican pickings.

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