New PAC in Town

Black Conservatives FundNinety percent of black American voters choose Democrats. To say the party has a lock on the “black vote” is an understatement. What would it take to persuade some of those voters to change their voting patterns?

The Black Conservatives Fund is a new political action committee that seeks to raise funds and highlight conservative men and women running for office. It’s all about “spreading the message of true limited government and traditional values across our great land.” From the web site:

We provide direct contributions in addition to running TV and radio ads, conducting get-out-the vote drives, and funding any other activities our endorsed candidates need.

We are first and foremost a CONSERVATIVE political action committee. We are committed to assisting candidates who support reining in the size and scope of government, protecting our nation through a strong military, and promoting American values – especially the right to life.

We believe that despite the election of Barack Obama, the conservative movement has a golden opportunity to expand our coalition by supporting black conservative candidates whenever possible.

If the people are going to change their voting patterns, they need to know who’s running for what. The Black Conservatives Fund is also a resource for those willing to listen to the other side. Change the way people think, and things will never be the same.

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  1. Why the need to self-identify by race? If you’re a conservative, you’re a conservative and I would think that you’d receive the same level of support non-black conservatives running for office would receive. Right, I forgot, that’s really not the case and that’s one reason why I became an independent.