NRB’s Orlando Twist: DeSantis Takes Center Stage — Watch CURE America

Prepare for an exhilarating episode of “Cure America with Star Parker”!

Star and our TV crew journeyed to Orlando, Florida, for NRB 2023 Expo. Witness the awe-inspiring presence of Governor Ron DeSantis as he took the stage, sharing his visionary plans for the future. Gain profound insights from former Ambassador Sam Brownback as he addressed the critical challenges faced by the United States and the global stage. And don’t miss the captivating Dr. Frank Right, chairman of NRB and founder of Deep Scan Media, as he delved into a range of topics, including the transformative power of his groundbreaking new company. Discover firsthand what Deep Scan Media was doing for many companies and how it could help you.

Prepared to be informed, inspired, and empowered as we embarked on this extraordinary episode.

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One comment

  1. I also believe there is a mutiny being coordinated in the shadows to replace Biden with none other than Hillary.
    Besides coordinating and funding the artificial dossier on Trump, I also attribute the “birther” debacle against Obama to Hillary when she was running for President and shifted the blame to Romney.
    Voters beware the shrew is shrewd.