Obama Administration Asks Judge to Delay NC Voting Laws

voterID_3The Obama administration has asked a federal judge to put North Carolina’s “stringent” new voting laws on hold until after the November midterm elections.

The laws require voters to present government-issued photo ID before casting a ballot, and they eliminate same-day voter registration and Sunday voting, shorten the early-voting period, and eliminate early-voting registration for people turning 18 by Election Day.

If you believe liberals, these changes signal the Second Coming of Jim Crow. Insulting? Of course, but it’s politically expedient to invoke it. None of these restrictions would have significant, if any, impact on the elections. The voter ID portion of the law won’t take effect until 2016. Although most responsible citizens already have government-issued photo ID, the rare resident without one has two years to get it. And there’d be plenty of time to cast ballots, even with the new restrictions. An excerpt:

“Polls show that 70 percent of North Carolinians support the state’s commonsense voter ID law, which protects the integrity of the ballot box. Kay Hagan literally asked the Obama administration to file a politically-motivated lawsuit against the state of North Carolina to block voter ID, which shows just how fringe and out-of-touch she is,” [Republican Thom] Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin said in an email.

Liberals facing re-election can and will use these laws as a rallying point. Let’s hope the judge rules for common sense and against hysteria.

Photo credit: kayranft (Creative Commons)

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  1. Get your head out of the sand, these restrictions only came about when President Obama was running for office. Stop trying to rewrite history. Jim Crow is rearing its ugly head once again, but this time, our own ignorant christians are helping!!!!!