Obama Condemns Gun Violence and Commends Abortion Violence

ObamaPlannnedParenthood_2The day before President Barack Obama went on national television to condemn gun violence, he commended abortion violence.

Our gun-rights-opposing and abortion-advocating president sent a statement to Planned Parenthood’s National Day of Solidarity event in Washington, D.C., read by Tina Tchen, Assistant to the President, on Saturday.

“I commend Planned Parenthood for convening this important event. I share your heartbreak about the tragedy that occurred at Planned Parenthood’s center in Colorado…Too often these acts of violence are attempts to silence our voices and undermine our most cherished values: freedom, equality, and opportunity…Too often these terrible acts seem to generate fear that’s why today is so important. It’s an affirmation that we are not afraid, it’s an affirmation that we stand together against violence that seeks to divide us and to undermine the ideals that make America great.”

An American ideal is to kill unborn babies in the womb? Gun rights are an American ideal, yet the president is calling for restrictions.

He added that no “woman, no American woman should fear violence or intimidation when seeking healthcare or assisting others in obtaining treatment. We are a people who stand up for the rights of women to make their own decisions about their health.”

How about this: No law-abiding American woman should fear that her government will take away the weapons she needs to defend herself. Is snuffing out unborn life more important than personal protection? 

“We are a people who stand up for the rights of every single person, no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they come from, to choose their own path and make of their lives what they will free from fear or intimidation. That is who we are as Americans and it is something we’ll never allow anyone to take away from us.”

But the president has no problem taking away the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Teach your children that abortion isn’t health care or a constitutional right. It’s neither stated nor implied in the Constitution. Pro-lifers are not terrorists advocating the deaths of abortion mill employees or the women who go there to kill their babies. Pro-lifers seek to save babies’ lives through legal, effective means. 

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  1. Our President and his staff are so mixed up as to philosophy and world view as to be impotent.