Obama Transformed America — A Cause for Celebration?

protectmarriagerallyThe mainstreaming of homosexuality continues apace, and with it, the erosion of our religious freedom. Perhaps worse is the left’s determination to shut down dissent, as they lobby the government to penalize those who oppose their agenda.

President Barack Obama has made matters worse for Christians. Repairing the damage he’s done to the nation could take at least a generation.

That’s what the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins believes.

“When he took office, Barack Obama set out to accomplish this goal by tragically departing from the values that made America a great nation,” Perkins said in a statement after the State of the Union address. “But unfortunately, for the President, this isn’t cause for concern — but celebration.”


Perkins sees hope in the “fresh face” of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue “marriage” licenses in her name to homosexuals, and Little Sisters of the Poor, currently in litigation to obtain an exemption to the Obamacare mandate that employers offer insurance plans that include birth control drugs that could induce abortions. Davis attended the SOTU, as did two representatives from Little Sisters of the Poor.

“Tonight, we remember that for every outrageous ruling on marriage, there were brave county clerks. For each attack on faith and nature’s law, there were cities like Houston. And for every atheist suing to take God out of schools, there were godly principals. At last night’s State of the Family address at FRC, we paid tribute to them all — and called on the Church to pray and act for a spiritual, moral, and cultural renewal in our nation. That clearly was not the president’s message tonight, but it’s the message our country needs to hear.”

Perkins said the redefinition of marriage is the “single most divisive Supreme Court decision since Roe v. Wade. And [President Obama’s] condescending attitude discourages the kind of cooperation he claims to desire.”

The more special rights the state gives homosexuals (among them, men pretending to be women), the weaker our First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech. Our ability to resist and to criticize, to live our faith every day — not just on Sundays and behind closed doors —  is crucial.

“That’s why, I believe, it’s time for America’s Christian leaders to come together and show our political leaders a way forward,” Perkins said.

Photo credit: American Life League (Creative Commons) – Some Rights Reserved

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