Oregon Suspends Blacks-Only COVID-19 Relief Fund After Three Residents Sue

The Oregon Cares Fund, part of a COVID-19 state stimulus relief fund, set aside $62 million of taxpayers’ money for black individuals, black-owned businesses, and black community organizations. Three Oregon residents say their government is violating their constitutional rights.

The three business owners — one woman of Mexican descent and two white men — filed lawsuits against the state over the set-aside fund.

An excerpt from the New York Times:

The dispute in Oregon is the latest legal skirmish in the nation’s decades-long battle over affirmative action, and comes in a year in which the pandemic has starkly exposed the socioeconomic and health disparities that African-Americans face. It has unfolded, too, against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement, with institutions across America — from corporations to city councils — acknowledging systemic racism, and activists demanding that meaningful steps be taken to undo racial inequities.

In reference to the “decades-long battle over affirmative action,” colleges and universities across the country have discriminated against non-black students for decades under the so-called affirmative action scheme. To make up for past racial discrimination, so the argument goes, the government must be allowed to use race as a factor in admissions. That means some applicants are denied admission based on their race. Racial preferences are a double-edged sword. A government that discriminates in favor of blacks also has the power to discriminate against them.

Wasn’t the point of the 1960s-era civil rights movement to stop government-mandated racial discrimination?

The Center for Individuals Rights (CIR) represents Maria Garcia, owner of the Revolucion Coffee House in Portland. She requested money from the fund, and the state denied her application. CIR contends that setting up a racially exclusive government fund “violates the Fourteenth Amendment and federal anti-discrimination law,” and filed a lawsuit on her behalf against the state’s Department of Administrative Services, and two Oregon non-profits that established the COVID-19 relief fund.

But for now, no money will be dispensed. Oregon Live reported that the state has suspended the fund and turned over the remaining $8.8 million to a federal court while the case is pending.

The Oregon Cares Fund agreed to deposit its remaining money with the court Thursday after plaintiffs challenging the fund’s constitutionality asked U.S. Judge Karin Immergut to issue a preliminary injunction or restraining order to stop the fund from distributing money on the basis of race.

Observers have said it is unlikely that legal challenges would force Black Oregonians who received assistance to repay that money, even if the fund and its supporters ultimately lose in court.

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  1. GOOD! Oregon should no better than that! How much of a clear-up and re-build did Portland have to deal with after all those riots in that city? Or are they still rioting? It’s been a while since I checked! Black Democrats don’t want equality. They want special privileges and they want the right to beat White people over the head with their f**ked issues to get it! The only issues they have are self-hatred, narcissism, self-centeredness, and lack of pride! I’m a 64-year-old Black woman and I am sick to death of Black Leftists! They want people to listen to them but they don’t feel they have to listen to anyone else. They want respect but don’t feel they have to give any in return. They not only want to shut everybody who disagrees with them up, but to frame and control the discourse as well! They want to be able to wrap themselves up in the “Cloak of Victimhood”, wear it like it was some kind of “royal robe” and use “Critical Race Theory” as baseball bat to beat other people into submission! “Critical Race Theory” could be put to better use lining bird cages! MORE people outght to be suing these SJW’s, Marxists, “marginalized oppressed victims”–their groups and terrorist organizations and the Democratic leaders of cities that pander to them for the damage they’ve been doing to our country, our race and the schools! These people have been voting for the reinstituition of slavery for the past 90 years and trying to drag the entire race back down with them! They have a false sense of entitlement and believe the world revolves around them and owes them a living! They don’t care about anyone but themselves!

    They need to do away with all that “Affirmative Action” crap–and all those race-based preference polcies”. “Affirmative Action” is used to prop up people with no spine and no pride! However, it just comes back to bite them in the a**.! I undermines a Black student’s education and sets him/her up to fail! It’s a trap. They’ve been dumbing down the P.S> system for decades then when a Black kid can’t pass a college entrance exam, they blame “racism” and roll out “Affirmative Action”! I often wondered why college admission standards should be lowered just because the inner city schools are crap and Black people keep voting to keep them that way! After “Affirmtice Action” bites the dust, next comes “Critical Race Theory”, Read It, Ban It, Then Burn It”! This is jsut a blueprint for the destruction of our country–and maybe even civil war 2.0!

    There’s another righteous lawsuit that I pray wins out: In Las Vegas, a biracial H.S. student and his mom are suing his school claiming “Critical Race Theory” and those teaching it, created a hostile environment for this student, gave him a failing grade in a H.S. class that shouldn’t be taught in any classroom in this country! Because of that failing grade, the mother claimed her son didn’t get into the college of his choice! The student’s mother is Black and his father (deceased) was White. This kid looks White and is thought of as White by his class. His mother said that open hostility towards White people was tolerated, her son was forced to share personal details areound identity, his gender, his sexual orientation in an open setting. Finally, he had had enough. He couldn’t complete the class, suffers from anxiety and had to go into therapy! There needs to be MORE lawsuits like this one.

    If Black people were as godless, weak and morally bankrupt back in the “bad ole’ days”, we would have been exterminated or died out. We’d be extinct in this country. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves at the sorry state of the Black race today! “Racism” is not the cause of all the problems in the Black race. Black Democrats are the cause of their own problems! I can think of several reasons why nobody would want to be bothered with them other than the fact that they’re Black!