Over 100 Ohio Pastors Just Asked Government Schools To Do This

NCrestroomA time for civil disobedience?

In the tradition of the 1960s-era civil rights movement and all others in which crusaders break the law to demonstrate the injustice of the law, more than 100 pastors in Ohio have called for government schools to avoid complying with the Obama administration’s “transgender” restroom mandate.

The Obama administration threatened to withhold federal funding from government schools that don’t go along with the pretense that boys pretending to be girls should be allowed access to areas where girls expect privacy.

Christians should not go along. Christians should resist through all legal means available. But sometimes, disobeying the law might expose its absolute absurdity.

The Mansfield News Journal reported that the pastors sent letters to the local school districts and to their elected officials calling them to ignore the leftist and illogical mandate to allow boys pretending to be girls into girls’ restrooms and changing rooms. Deviant “rights” trump modesty, privacy, safety…and common sense. An excerpt:

The letter states the pastors believe “there is no authority except from God” and the U.S. Department of Education’s directive to school districts “defies objectivity and logic.” It also “jeopardizes the privacy and safety of vulnerable women and children,” they say.

The letter then cites several Bible verses that refer to civil disobedience and calls for schools to exercise civil disobedience rather than to “sacrifice the safety and privacy of women and children on the altar of political correctness.”

If these schools cared about children more than political correctness, they would at least suspend the policy and allow more discussion from parents.

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One comment

  1. Providing scripture references to a government school makes no impact. State you case and use science, such as if you accept science to justify evolution and global warming, then why don’t you accept the science that dictates we are male and female, except for some minor exceptions.

    If the schools wont listen then it is time to home school or private school.